Ep 376: Melanie Lynskey & Linas Phillips / Keith Maitland

Writer/director/actor Linas Phillips (Manson Family Vacation) and actress Melanie Lynskey (HBO’s Togetherness). Todd (Timm Sharp) grew up under the strange shadow of his older, mentally-challenged brother, Shonzi (Phillips). As kids, Shonzi forced Todd to make action movies. As adults, Todd is pressured to share love life details, even showing Shonzi a sex tape he made with an old girlfriend to help him cope when family tragedy hits. When their dad suffers a heart attack, Shonzi, now 40, moves in with Todd and his new girlfriend (Lynskey). Shonzi wants desperately to be included in their relationship like old times. Rainbow Time opens today at the new Alamo Drafthouse in Brooklyn and at the Arena Theater in Los Angeles.

Link: http://apple.co/2ezgAFq

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