Episode #124: Yousef Erakat (AKA fouseyTUBE)

Yousef Erakat has upward of 10 million YouTube subscribers for fouseyTUBE and won the 2016 Entertainer of the Year honors at the Streamy Awards, and yet he said during his acceptance speech at the Streamys that he might also be the most hated personality on YouTube. And still, he reads the comments. Yousef sat down with me to talk about how he went from theater classes to vlogging to prank videos and now to movie theaters. He appeared onscreen in 2016 in Tyler Perry’s Boo: A Medea Halloween, and stars in the new YouTube Red Original movie from Awesomeness Films, We Love You. It’s out Nov. 22.

Link: http://apple.co/2f0svht

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