Bob Saget Is Back

Plus comics Andrew Goldstein, Kristen Buckels and Giulia Rozzi discuss the differences between being a writer versus a producer, everybody having a boss, ageism, the cultural unification around politics, millennials’ inability to recognize historical context, the ground game in fighting Trump, comparing Trump to wrestling, the ignobility of Jared Kushner, leaning into your stereotype, the false narrative that Hollywood is run by Jews, WGA Awards, money in politics, Morning Joe, not following through on promises, what advice works best in show business, the psychology behind toilet training, companies we should be boycotting, a day-to-day discipline, the value of making lists, the compromise of being in love, advantages to having immigrant parents, Americans cutting themselves off from their past, having the courage to disconnect from FaceBook, social media creating a false sense of accomplishment, the importance to having a morning ritual, being harassed on Twitter as a woman, whether the hatred towards Kellyanne Conway is misogynistic, and how to argue with a conservative.


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