Trump Reopens Coronavirus, Episode 1153

Comic Eddie Pepitone, whose new special “For The Masses” is streaming on iTunes and Amazon; Emmy and Peabody Award Winning Jim Earl; Russ Cirincione, Democratic candidate for New Jersey’s 6th congressional district; Professor Jay L. Zagorsky, whose latest piece in The Conversation is, “Why Are So Many People Lighting Off Fireworks?” ; Burt Ross, American hero who took on the mob, created the right turn on red (Seriously) and became a sex symbol in Englewood, parts of Tenafly and a tiny sliver of Teaneck, New Jersey; Dr. Michael Pappas, MD, Socialist, Activist, Editor Left Voice and Street Medic recently arrested by the NYPD; Professor Ben Burgis, author of “Myth and Mayhem: A Leftist Critique of Jordan Peterson”; Activist Zack Ford; Dr. Philip Herschenfeld, professor of psychoanalysis and his son Actor/Comic/Singer/Harvard Apologist Ethan; The Rev. Barry W. Lynn from Americans United for Separation of Church and State.


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