Bobby Slayton & Will Durst

Be sure to wear a flower in your hair for this San Francisco reunion of two of America’s greatest comedians… and David Feldman. Then Judah Grunstein the editor of World Politics Reviews joins us from Paris to talk about the appeal of nationalism and protectionism. Bobby Slayton talks to us from his home in Los Angeles as he drinks a Corona, grills some steak and belittles David. How is it possible that this man gets even funnier? Will Durst joins us from his home in San Francisco as he drinks a Starbucks, picks at a muffin and belittles Trump. Will Durst is America’s number one political satirist and writes a syndicated weekly humor column. Then from Paris theeditor of World Politics Review Judah Grunstein on the elections in Holland and the appeal of protectionism. David and Judah teach a masters class in how Americans need to start talking to each other when it comes to politics.


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