Rudy Can Fail

Down With Tyranny’s HOWIE KLEIN, DR. JAY SUTAY, and DAVE SIRUS. We talk Sleep Hygiene, Comey, Robots and of course Marijuana. Our white nationalist president hires New York’s most racist mayor in modern history, Rudy Giuliani as his lawyer. Rudy’s on his third divorce and hasn’t displayed a modicum of sanity since the ’80s. As mayor, Rudy Giuliani, in 1999, was warned by the police, in a newly released memo, not to put the city’s emergency command center inside the World Trade Center because the buildings there were such rich targets for terrorists. Giuliani ignored the advice and on 9/11 the emergency command center was destroyed making it impossible for police and firefighters to communicate. Yet somehow 9/11 is remembered as Giuliani’s greatest moment. Good pick there Trump. You really do surround yourself with the best.


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